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  • Wall and ceiling batts
    Keep your home comfortable year round
    with h&f installed bulk insulation from
    the extensive CSR Bradford range. We are
    exerienced in all types of building and complex
    builds with bulkheads, box gutters and cathedral
    ceilings pose no problem to our installers.
  • Acoustic batts
    Keep your home quiet and comfy all year round
    with CSR Bradford New Generation soundscreen
    installed by hopkins & fenollar installers.
    Our installers are experienced and thorough
    and we audit jobs regularly to ensure quality
    standards and service levels are upheld.
  • Commercial insulation
    We supply and install a range of PIR boards
    for soffit linings and basement carparks
    We use a range of products such as Kingspan,
    Foilboard, Dow Thermax, Dow Tuff-R and Xtratherm.
    We use recommended fixings and tape joints
    Other than thermal boards we provide Acoustigard
    thermal and acoustic insulation for steel frame stud walls.
  • Underfloor insulation
    For underfloors and subfloors we recommend
    CSR Bradford Optimo glasswool batts
    that are specifically designed to fit standard joists
    Optimo is available in R2.1 and R2.5 forms
    and with Optimo straps or saddles are easy to install
    in both residential and commercial applications.
    We also provide polyester rolls for subfloors in R2.0 and R2.5 forms.

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