Welcome to hopkins & fenollar

At hopkins & fenollar we supply and install a huge range of insulation products to the residential and commercial building industries, along with residential services such as ceiling and underfloor insulation refits. Our aim is to make life easy for our clients, whether home owners, residential builders, commercial builders or Contract Administrators.

hopkins & fenollar services

We supply and install bulk insulation such as CSR Bradford Gold batts and New Generation Soundscreen to residential buildings. We supply and install commercial bulk insulation such as Acoustigard acoustic partition rolls to commercial and multi-residential buildings. We supply and install insulation boards such as Foilboard for residential and commercial buildings and PIR boards such as Kooltherm, Thermax and Xtratherm boards for commercial soffit linings and basement carparks.

Thermal Insulation

We only use the best CSR Bradford Gold batts - wall batts are designed to fit within 90mm stud walls and range from R1.5 to R2.7HD. New R4.0 wall batts are designed for double studded 140mm walls, whilst ceiling batts range from R2.5 all the way up to the new 290mm thick R7.0 High Performance Gold batts.

Acoustic insulation

We recommend CSR Bradford New Generation Soundscreen acoustic batts, ranging from 60mm thick R1.7 through to 110mm thick R3.1 batts. Ideal for home theatres and to isolate wet area noises such as flushing toilets. For pipes we supply and install Soundlag 4525C, both residentially and commercially.

Commercial Products

Most multi-unit residential developments use steel frame stud walls and furring channels to block or precast concrete walls, as well as suspended ceiling grids between floors. For this setup h&f may use CSR Bradford Acoustigard partition batts for both thermal and acoustic performance, or alternative products such as Foilboard or Dow Tuff-R boards.

We also supply and install acoustic and thermal pipe lagging for multi-unit developments and industrial plants.