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hopkins & fenollar Products

At hopkins & fenollar we have a huge range of available products and more importantly the knowledge to select the right product for your circumstances. We supply (and if needed install) a huge range of products including:

  • CSR Bradford Gold batts and Soundscreen acoustic batts
  • CSR Bradford wall wraps such as ThermoSeal and Proctor Wrap
  • CSR Bradford Acoustigard partition rolls from 11kg/m³ to 32kg/m³ density.
  • CSR Bradford Xtratherm Xtroliner thermal boards
  • CSR Bradford polyester batts
  • Polyester Solutions polyester batts and acoustic rolls
  • Foilboard Australia thermal boards
  • Dow Thermax and Dow Tuff-R thermal PIR boards
  • Dow SMTG and Dow XPS thermal boards
  • Kingspan Insulation Kooltherm K10 thermal boards
  • Kingspan Insulation Air-Cell wrap and vapour barriers
  • Residential Thermal and Acoustic insulation

    Correct selection of product can make all the difference to how comfortable you are in your own home. The photo on the left shows a wall insulated with Soundscreen R2.5 batts to isolate noise from the neighbour's adjacent staircase, as well as thermal wall and ceiling batts for year around comfort. The majority of residential homes use glasswool bulk insulation batts for the best balance of performance to price. See our gallery for pictures of typical installations.

    Underfloor Insulation

    If you are building a new home you may consider polyester insulation rolls for the sub-floor before the flooring is added, as per the photo to the left. This is a cost effective means of getting bulk insulation with stand-alone R-values of R2.0 to R2.5. Other options include CSR Bradford Optimo specialist flooring batts and other specialty products such as Kingspan's PermiFloor. See our gallery for pictures of typical installations.

    Commercial Insulation Products

    hopkins & fenollar specialise in under-slab rigid board insulation such as the Xtratherm boards in the photo. Elsewhere on commercial sites hopkins & fenollar offer a range of CSR Bradford Acoustigard Partition batts varying in density from 11kg/m³ to 32kg/m³to suit typical steel stud walls. We also supply and fit CSR Bradford Rockwool Fireseal fire protection products and speciality acoustic liners such as baffle blocks and pipe lagging. See our gallery for pictures of typical installations.